Automakers and Uber in a quest for automated cars

The next revolution in automobile industry is “self driving cars”.The quest to excel in this category is not limited to car makers alone.Tech companies like Google and Uber are also in a neck-to-neck completion to excel in this.

In this battle Uber has brought in Sherif Marakby,former director of electronics and Engineering at Ford.He will be in charge for the manufacturer strategy and integration efforts in Pittsburg where uber has its advanced Technologies center.

Sherif Marakby will report to Brian McClendon, VP of advanced technologies in Uber.Prior to Uber McClendon was part of the maps division in Google.Manik Gupta from the Google engineering division for maps has also moved to Uber recently.

Uber ordered 10 billion worth Mercedes Benz S class which are semi automated cars over which uber is trying to build its technology.At present the car is capable of minor activities like parking etc.
Uber has been hiring top-notch engineers and automated car experts. The company recently hired engineers from Carnegie Mellon University for software Divison.The Company has partnership with the University of Arizona to develop self driving technology, particularly in regard with mapping and optics technology.

Interestingly Google will test its self-driving cars in Phoenix, Arizona.This is one of the states in USA where laws allow self driving cars to be driven on roads for testing.The car also comes with manual mode of driving.
Uber believes that automated cars will reduce vehicular accidents currently it is the major cause of death among young people in USA.

Ola and Uber fight over market capture and expansion

Ola and Uber are aggressive competitors in Indian taxi market.Ola is the current market leader and uber is in the second position.To further widen the gap between them ola acquired taxiforsure, another competitor in the market.
Ola claims that it makes 4 times more raids than Uber and the latter hopes it will overtake ola in another few months.Both the companies are pouring money over advertisement in digital print and television space.The combined expenditure of the companies over publicity amounts to 300 crore.This is for capturing the potential 13,000 crore taxi market.

The companies emphasize about the comfort, accessibility and pricing factors of their service.Ola recently launched micro as its cheapest service to-date at 6 per kilometer.Uber has also slashed prices up to 40 percent in Indian market.The companies had to cross several regulatory and legal issues to establish their service across the nation.
Ola has introduced bus services in three cities and is yet to reveal the success of the project.They are also fighting in other service category, “bike ride”. They have launched bike ride on demand in Karnataka and are waiting for nod from the government.

At present both are burning cash to capture the market, Uber has a valuation of 62 billion with global funding and ola is no less with Japan giant Softbank and china’s Didi Kuaidi backing.
Ola recently formed global alliance against uber; the company is allied with Lyft from USA Didi Kuaidi from China

Uber conducts “Code on Road”

Uber is hiring potential coders through challenges designed to solve during rides.The contest appears in the name “code on the road”.Twitter users have screenshots of the contest; some of them are engineers.Uber stated that the contest rolled out in US cities where tech jobs are high in number.

This is part of the companies scheme to hire potential employees who help to solve interesting problems.The challenge is present in the riders’ app and comes with an option to play if interested.The contest comes in three stages each constituting 60 seconds.If the rider scores well enough they will can contact uber through the app.On further notification will receive link for job notification.

Uber is engaging hackers to improve the security of its product.The bounty contest for hackers comes with prize money.The bug’s reports are categorized in 3 levels based on the potential threat related to them.
A very serious security breach will earn them the highest prize money and simple ones lesser amount.The contest for hackers begins from May 1st.Many tech companies pay hackers who report loopholes in their code.Last year Uber received around 30 bug reports related to security and data theft.

Facebook recently paid a hacker who found out a bug wherein the details of credit cards can be gained by breaking to their facebook account.

Uber launches bike-hailing service in Indonesia

Uber has launched its motor bike services in Indonesia capital Jakarta. There are similar services offered by Gran and Go-Jek.The service is famous in this city where streets are clogged with traffic and bikes are easier to commute than cars.

Uber offers the service at 1,000 rupiah (& cents) per kilometer whereas its rival Go-Jek has a minimum fare of 12,000 rupiah (91 cents) and Grab is at 10,000 rupiah (76 cents).Uber is yet to disclose where it will be launching its services in the future and the number of vehicles operating.Uber is currently operational in the cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Bali and Surabaya.

The Motorcycle fleets of various ride-hailing companies cater diverse industries.Go-Jek is currently associated with Lazada, Southeast Asia’s e-commerce giant, for better delivery services.They also provide food and grocery services.

Grab is associated with the e-commerce arm of Matharimall and deliver products for them.It also does small cargo delivery.But Uber does not do any additional services in Indonesia it will be uphill task to run business just with ride services.Grab and Uber face resistance among them local taxi drivers. Rallies were conducted to protest against the “unlawful” operations of the company.

In response to these protest the transportation ministry sent letter to the Information ministry to ban the applications of Grab and Uber.However the request was dismissed and both the companies were given deadline till may 31st to obtain necessary permits and documents to operate as car rental company.

Uber-like service for particular niche

Uber in many ways change the transportation services in cities across the globe.The company faces competition from many similar companies which operate just like Uber.But the latest completion is from services which are similar to Uber but cater to select customers.

The latest services are Wingz for airport rides, Chariot for women, Lift Hero for elderly citizens, shuddle and hopskipdrive for children. The services for women and children are getting popular due to security reasons.Uber and Lyft tend to overlook security aspect.Both the companies refuse to fingerprint their drivers, background verification process is not stringent and many incidents of harassment being reported.

For instance Chariot ride-hailing service for women and children below the age of 13 fingerprints all its drivers and all of them are women. As per policy Uber and Lyft are not supposed to take unaccompanied minors below the age of 10. The service is starting in Boston.

Hopskipdrive is for children and employs full-time mothers and care takers.The company also uses fingerprinting and rigorous interviews. They use software to track the speed of the vehicle and conduct of the driver.It uses TrustLine, the state’s official certification for in-house care takers.They send photos and ID of the drivers well ahead in time to the parents, so the parents can inform kids know who will be taking them for the ride.

Co-founder of Hopskipdrive ,Joanna McFarland, says that trust and word-of-mouth marketing works and building a good name among the mom networks is essential.
There are several doubts regarding on-demand services security level but these companies are trying to overcome this hurdle.

Calgarians to Use Their Phone for Using Uber In 2016

There should be some change in everything, so Calgarian is experiencing a change as they use their phones for Uber in this year. Calgarians are happy with this change as they can book their ride by a simple method.

Most of the people used their phones in 2015 to share the ride sharing service Uber. It had a bad start last year before the order of the city to cap its service. This incident caused great expense for the taxi service.

Calgarians who used their personal vehicles to work in Uber are not insured properly. The city told that personal insurance is mandatory for drivers who drive for professional purposes. The bylaws are to be strictly followed by the Calgarians after its launch.

Uber insisted the drivers that they can use the service only if they have proper license and insurance. It also claims that they will back the drivers with some amount of the policy over the personal insurance of drivers.

Uber service is of great demand in the younger generation where Calgarians median age is active 36 years old. The narrative horror stories of the taxi service are numerous, but it serves as the only option until one prefer Calgary Transit, the public transit service, to drop her in the neighborhood of her destination. This alone is not the reason for Calgary to allow ride sharing. Another reason is that the sharing economy is like starting commerce and it is a part of world class definition.

Americans can’t get enough of Uber and other sharing economy businesses

Sharing economy is the new trend and people of America have started to acknowledge it. But many critics have warned people to avoid the sharing economy since it would completely take down the labor world. The corporate world would eventually lose full time professionals and face a severe recession. According to a few sources, the sharing economy would decrease the number of future Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs because people would become lazy by ignoring to work full time.

Amazon was the first one to build a foundation for the sharing economy trend, people started to earn money off spare time from the ecommerce website. The trend started to spread like a dangerous disease and many companies made money off it. It gave away space to grow for companies like Airbnb, Uber – Cabily App , and Lyft. Americans are not really bothered about the differences the sharing economy would bring to the country. In fact, more than 67% of job seekers are interested to be a part of the new ongoing trend.

The sharing economy allows people to decide their own shift timings and earnings, and also they can be their own bosses. The economy focuses on freelancers, micro part timers and other employees who are NOT a part of full time professions. Many critics say the companies like Uber and Airbnb are black markets that are making fool off people. Majority of the votes are for the sharing economy and hence, it is very difficult to take down the trend.

UBER Experiencing Enormous Crackdown in London

The new regulations proposed by transport for London consultation led to the ban of some key features of the ride hailing company Uber.

This new rule includes a five minute wait time for passengers between ordering a vehicle and till it arrive. This rule also bans operators from showing their car in Smartphone apps which is considered to be the best in Uber.

Transport for London also proposed that the passenger need to book the taxi before seven days of their ride and limits some of ride sharing services that would interrupt the new service Uberpool.

This new proposal has affected the London’s black car service and there are 25 proposals in the draft that would particularly damage Uber.

Here are some proposals which will seriously affect Uber:

  • Operators need to conform their booking at least five minutes before their journey so that Uber matches nearby passengers with riders where they will pick the passengers on average of 3 minutes.
  • Companies must not show vehicles which are available for immediate hire using the Smartphone app.
  • Operators have to book the taxi seven days before their ride.
  • Drivers will work for one operator at a time.
  • Controls on ride sharing are to be followed in public vehicles.

Uber already faces a lot of complications with these regulators in various countries. One of its services Uberpop has been banned in France and Belgium. Uber has more than 15,000 drivers in London, which forms the majority of operators in the UK.

Uber plans to implement the concept of a public bus

Uber, the ride hailing service is already a front runner in the race. Lately, the company has been testing on various features to extend its service across the globe. However, the critics say there is no enough space for the company to expand further in near future. We all know that Uber is a threat to those traditional “yellow cabs”, but it is now competing with the public buses. How freaking awesome is that? The company now promises to offer rides that are cheaper than any other services.

Lyft and Uber have always been head-to-head in the competition, both the companies experiment with different features in various departments. Uber is also famous for its ride sharing service, UberPool that allows the riders to share their rides with other riders. This feature is suitable for people who wish to take taxis for cheaper fares and Lyft has got the same feature as well.

Uber is currently working on a feature called Smart Routes that is exclusively for UberPool. People can now specify the pickup and drop spots using Smart Routes. According to sources, the feature would eventually turn into a huge threat to the public buses in near future. Smart Routes would benefit people who do not wish to take buses to travel around the city. It is already a massive hit in many cities and has even more elevated the company’s fame. Uber is soon going to be the public buses’ worst enemy, no doubts about that!

Is new Uber service following the concept of a public bus?

Uber has now implemented a new feature in the market called Smart Routes and the feature plays a vital role in UberPool. UberPool allows the users to share their rides with the others who are travelling in the same route and this would generate cheaper fares. Its great news for people who cannot afford to shed those extra bucks for a private ride.

The service now uses a feature called Smart Routes that allows people to fix the pickup and drop spots. The critics say the company is wisely incorporating the concept of a public bus. However, the CEO, Travis Kalanick says Uber does not follow the public bus’s patterns. A public bus does not allow its users to individually select the pickup and drop spots. Also, it does not offer the so called “luxurious rides” to its travelers and it’s a big fat no to people who do not prefer to travel by bus.

Uber promises to offer cozy rides to its users despite the ride sharing concept. It saves up those extra dollars that would probably fetch you a drink from Starbucks after a tiring day. Nevertheless, the company always tries the best to offer decent services to its users which has to be applauded. UberPool would definitely bring down the market for the public buses and traditional taxis. The local services must do something very soon to retain its loyal users and put up a good fight against the mighty Uber.